Some Features of the Property

The Stone House

Has a slate roof and an attached great room that once held livestock, chicken, ducks and geese.  Abel Andrews built the main walls from huge granite slabs in the 1850's.  There are three bedrooms, a sleeping loft for six, three fireplaces, and a wood cook stove from 1890 that heats the family room, restored from the old barn timbers.

It has well water, a furnace, electricity, one phone and Wi-Fi Internet.  There is a 40' heated lap pool out back in the apple orchard.   There is, however, no TV and cell phones do not work in the valley.  Yay.

If you want to look at the house, take the trail to the airstrip.  For the best view, do not stop at the two stone benches.  (These benches are for watching the sun set behind Baldface Mountain.)  Instead, walk past the benches for 200 yards towards the new guest house for a clear view.      

Rattlesnake Pool and Flume

The flume is a narrow gorge about 300 feet long and 20 feet deep with Rattlesnake Brook rushing through it.  The water is deeper than it looks.

Rattlesnake Pool is icy cold, pretty, and a favorite swimming hole for local teenagers.  You have to be young or slightly crazy to brave the frigid temperature.  It is 20 feet deep under its 25-foot "slide" waterfall.


Shell Pond

This "great pond" is 50+ acres, weed-choked and full of pickerel, which is a barracuda-like fish.  Do not go swimming here, unless you want to feed the leeches.  There are large hawks and owls, blue and great heron, ducks and geese living around the pond.  There are rumors of a rare orchid growing somewhere at the western end.  Moose like to munch weeds in the pond and you may see some of the pesky beaver at dusk.    

Blueberry Mountain -- does have many blueberry bushes and great views out over the Cold River Valley.  There is no water on top, so bring something to drink for a picnic.

Airstrip -- about 2,000 feet long for light aircraft, no longer used.  Please take it to by-pass the house.  Today there are some 25 acres of hay fields, once there were 200 acres.  It is still a lot of grass to cut.

Apple Orchards -- are in front and in the back of the Stone House and scattered in the meadows and edge of the woods.

Sugar Maple Factory -- now in ruins, near the woodshed in the meadow on the Shell Pond Loop Trail.  The Andrews family apparently once made up to 200 gallons of syrup early each spring.

Wildlife -- include black bear, moose, coyote, fox, mink, porcupine and the always mysterious fisher cat (it does not fish and it is not a cat).  There are grouse, wild turkey and many song birds.  There are too many annoying beaver -- please take some.  They dam the road culverts.

Hunting  -- no bear hunting is permitted before October 15.  The owners do not want to be shot -- or to worry about being shot. 

This is a moose on the airstrp

This is not a cat

The Flume