Stone House Area Trails

The White Mountain National Forest surrounds the Stone House property.  A local nature organization, the Chatham Trails association, maintains four marked hiking trails.  Please stay on the marked trails and please use the airstrip to by-pass the stone house and the guest cottage.

The main access to the property is from Route 113, about 6.8 miles north of the Stow Corner Store.  Turn east on the Stone House Road.  Go about one mile up the Stone House Road and park at the gate. 

White Cairn Trail

Many hikers say this is the best trail, although it is moderately difficult.  The trailhead is about 1/4 of a mile from the gate, on the road's left (north) side near the ruins of the old brick house.  The Trail goes up Blueberry Mountain into the Caribou-Speckled Mountain wilderness.  Elevation gain is about 1,150 feet and the trail is quite steep near the top.  There are scenic views along the way.  Blueberry Mountain does have blueberry bushes.     

The White Cairn Trail also connects with other trails on Blueberry Mountain, including the Blueberry Ridge Trail to Speckled Mountain (below) and to the Bickford Brook Trail to the Brickett Place on Route 113.


Many hikers return from the mountain along a loop, by hiking down via the Stone House Trail and then back to the parking lot.  The loop is about three miles in total.

The Stone House Trail

The trailhead is about another 1/4 mile up the Stone House Road from the White Cairn Trail, a left turn north just before the trail signs.  After 0.3 mile, you will reach a trail junction, turn left.  Almost immediately, on the right side, is a 50-yard side trail to Rattlesnake Flume

Return to the main trail, and continue another 0.4 mile up the mountain until you reach the turnoff for Rattlesnake Pool.  There is a small arrow pointing the way.  The hike from the parking lot to this point is easy, not much elevation gain.  People with small children return the way they came.  The trail does go on up the mountain and connects with other trails but the last part of the trail is rather steep near the top.

Shell Pond Loop Trail

The trailhead starts with a right turn (south) off the Stone House Road, 50 yards before the White Cairn Trail and 1/4 mile in from the parking lot.  This easy, 3.5 mile trail circles Shell Pond.  About 2/3 of the way around, there is a stone bench with pleasant views of Baldface Mountain.  About 0.2 mile past the lookout, the Shell Pond Trail cuts off right and then back east about a half mile to the Evergreen Valley Road.  The trail can be muddy in places after a rain, since local brooks empty into Shell Pond.

This is a great trail for senior citizens and an excellent opportunity to spot moose grazing in the pond, beaver swimming about, and wild birds.

There are small trout in Rattlesnake Brook near the bridge to the meadow, on the return portion of the loop.